Tuesday, September 25, 2007

She's Baaaaack!

As you have probably figured, I've been away (and when I wasn't, I was being lazy) - on holiday in Austria, to be exact - and although our Vienna pension did indeed have computer access in the lobby area (see photo below) there was just the one unique station and there was usually someone else lining up for an urgent email. Result? No blogging for a while. Not that it was on my mind a lot, I have to admit :)

Had to laugh when I saw it!

It was a bit of a challenge to find restaurants that would serve vegan food, but thanks to Happy Cow and Veg Dining, we did just fine. There was lots of lovely fruit available in the markets for snacks and impromptu lunches on the run, of course, and somehow it all tasted nicer than anything we can get here in Ontario.

I shall be posting more later, but I have been staring at this blog for a few days now and thinking how very MUCH I had to catch up on, so this post is something of an icebreaker, as it were (if writer's block were a block of ice!).

Cheers to all - off to shop (again) now. Have been delighting in having my own kitchen again - and have been having fun with just simple meals of raw or steamed veggies. More on those later! Hugs to all!!