Sunday, September 6, 2009

New Blog In Town

This recipe is't here, is it? Nope. Why not?

Well, I shall be posting here again soon (truly) but I want you all to know of my two other blogs:

River Rambles at

This blog is for my adventures outside my own kitchen - when I feel the need to comment on good meals in usual or unusual places - and also holidays (which often centre around restaurants!) here and overseas, complete with pics. Have a look! (That's River Rambles - okay?

And my other blog is my notes with pics on my new adventure into raw food, Rawly Vegan Some of you might be interested in that too.

I should mention, however, that it is not at this time my intent to turn 100 per cent raw foodist. But I am aiming for highly raw - and in my book that means somewhere around 20 per cent of calories or less of non-raw food. As for eating out and holidays, well, one does what one can but there's no way I plan to travel on an apple and a handful of leaves, no matter what the diehards do LOL I love you all, but that's just not quite for me - yet! Nevertheless, having promised myself 'baby steps' in this endeavour (and so far it's working brilliantly for around 2 weeks now, maybe more), I intend to make this a long-range project which will bring me to a comfortable lifestyle for me. That's Rawly Vegan

Therefore, now and then (each week at least) I shall be actually cooking a dish or two and, to keep things lively around our dining table I shall be experimenting with new recipes and adapting old ones, either mine or someone else's. Those will be posted here!

Thanks for your understanding and patience - and do, please, visit my other blogs. They could stand the scrutiny!

Best to all, River.

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