Saturday, August 28, 2010

Getting Back To Blogging

It's been a strange summer. We've done some travelling - New York and Paris plus various places in Canada - and we've moved house, selling one and buying another within days of each other, refurnished, etc. etc. It all takes time and somehow this blog got lost in the shuffle :(

I am, however, back 'at it' as it were, and just today arranged for organic produce to be delivered to our door each week to inspire me to new recipes. With all the lovely things growing right now there's so much opportunity to eat well, whether it's simple salads and cold soups or gourmet meals.

Hope everyone has enjoyed a good summer - next weekend is Labour Day so it's officially over, I guess, then, unless you are very trad and wait until the 21st to declare the onset of autumn. If you drop by this blog, please leave a brief Hi so I know you've been here, okay? All comments (well, almost all :) but you know what I mean!) very very welcome.

Happy compassionate eating,



Laloofah said...

Welcome back, River! I don't know, traveling to foreign countries and moving to a new house don't sound like good enough excuses for not blogging to me! LOL

It's been a busy summer for us too, but then they all are, no matter what we think, say and plan when spring rolls around! Congratulations on your new home, hope you make lots of happy memories there! And enjoy the organic produce being delivered to your door! Lucky you!


Anonymous said...

Great to see you posting again--looking forward to more recipes and posts in the future!