Wednesday, June 6, 2007

New Cookbook Just Out!

I have the delightful job of alerting you all to a new cookbook by Erin, aka Zenpawn. I have long been a fan of Erin's blog
and have delighted in the wonderful meals he has presented for us. Now, I found this morning, he has gone 'all the way' and
published an e-cookbook - very very nutritious, very very economical of fat and calories (indeed, the ones I have read all through seem to use the teeniest amount of fat for the pan only), very very big on a variety of flavours and super-duper delicious!

I have just downloaded my own copy (very modest price) and just can't decide where to start! It's great. The illustrations are beautiful, the recipes clear and simple (with fewer ingredients than most) and all nutritional information is given.

You can find the story behind the cookbook here:

and the link to where it can be purchased HERE:

Way to go, Erin!

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