Monday, October 29, 2007

Sweet Potato & Carrot Stew Pie


You may remember the Sweet Potato and Carrot Stew With Chard I posted earlier - well, it was good, but what was on that big square platter was only half the stew, although it was all of the chard that I had cooked. The leftover stew was weighing heavily on me - it improves in flavour, of course, but it lacks something in presentation and novelty. Still, 'Waste not, want not' as my long departed grannie used to say!

I had stored it in a couple of these small oval dishes. While it was in the oven reheating, I thought it looked boring so mixed a kind of 'muffin' or biscuit (in the American sense of the word) topping. I put half a cup of spelt with half a cup of barley flour, added in a pinch of salt, baking powder, paprika, oregano - whatever - mixed in a little soy milk until it looked right. When the mini-casseroles were getting pretty hot, I hauled them out and spread the topping on them and whooshed them back into the oven. Around 20 minutes or so later it was ready. The photo above shows one such dish - the other photo was blurred but, well, was the same.

The photo shows a small serving I set aside for the camera LOL It is sharing a plate with Wild Rice With Tomatoes And Chard - which I'll post next :)


VeggieGirl said...

wow, I've missed quite a few posts here!! I apologize!! :0( that Sweet Potato & Carrot Stew Pie, as well as the Wild Rice With Tomatoes And Chard, look so enticing!! yum!!

River said...

No need to apologize - I'm just so pleased that you came by AND that you left a message on the Comments! So nice to see.

And I see you've been VERY busy yourself on your own wonderful blog! Nice work!!!

Love and hugs!