Sunday, May 13, 2007

Potato Stew Stuffed In Acorn Squash


I have to share this one with you, although the recipe is not mine to give :( It is another from my marvellous co-host on my Vegan World Cuisine group, posted just yesterday. You can find it HERE

I had two 'baby' golden acorn squashes, so I cut the tops of those so that I could save the dear little caps, scooped them out and baked them until they were done. Meanwhile I made Linda's beautiful potato stew, using 'baby' red potatoes and subbing jalapeno for the dried chili she has in her recipe. The rest, as you can see from the pic below, is onion (I used half a medium red onion), red bell pepper, sweet corn, and of course garlic. Cooking the potatoes, etc., in soymilk gives a nice creamy texture and some powdered ginger a nice extra bite. I topped mine with a little cilantro and served with green beans. I should add that I made it, of course, without frying in even a little bit of oil :) Excellent!

The 'extra' stew that didn't fit into the little squashes disappeared very quickly, thanks to my delighted husband.

This is certainly one to remember!


Melody Polakow said...

that looks soo good! I just LOVE the presentation in the golden acorn squash.. I've never even seen a golden acorn squash... we are so deprived here in New Hampshire!

Carrie™ said...

The presentation is fabulous! Sounds good too.

'River' (aka Beanvegan) said...

That golden acorn squash really looks pretty, doesn't it. We had one each - they were just babies. We can only get them at our fave organic shop at our central market - now and then. The serving suggestion was to put a dollop of vegan sour creme on top of the potato stew, which would have looked even better!

Thanks for responding!! Hugs.

Liliy said...

The squash looks beautiful. Wonderful presentation!

Fairly Odd Tofu Mom said...

OOOoohhhhh.... pretty food (and sounds YUMMY too!)

Just found your blog and I bookmarked it - I'll be back!