Saturday, May 12, 2007

Wakame Broccoli, Tofu and Broccoli Stir'Fry'


Dunno if anyone else is as mad for wakame as I am, but I like to add it to all kinds of things. This week we've been eating our way through some broccoli we got from our organic grocer. After a stir'fried' (read steamed) dish the other day, we needed a change. So, short of putting it in lasagna (a great recipe but one for which I didn't have the energy or time today), I decided to steam it up with lots of minced garlic, ditto minced ginger root, a little red bell pepper and a hefty pinch of crushed chilies while I was reheating some pre-cooked and frozen components of our lunch today: chickpea curry and three-grain medley. While I made a salad - our favourite spinach, cranberry, pear and cranberry concoction with a raspberry balasamic dressing - I soaked some wakame, so that by the time the broccoli was just about done I could stir it in. It went very well, I'm pleased to admit :)

This evening we have concert tickets, so it's a quick meal of soup (cabbage and tomato) with some rye bread I made this morning. Simple things, simple things.

And here's the


I used what I had on hand, and as you see there was a mix of vegetables (not out of a package, although that might work too) as well as the broccoli - and the tofu which had marinated in a little low-sodium soysauce, minced ginger and minced garlic and not added until the end. Instead of frying, of course, I simply steamed the veggies in a little water. We had it all with brown rice.

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