Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Chat: Blossoms and Kitchen Talk

[Blog edited because of malfunctioning or incorrect photo code thingie (excuse technical jargon), now possibly pur right.]

Two days ago when my dh and I went walking I had the sense to bring along a camera for once. We went along the river and through a park and saw the baby maple leaves bravely bursting from their buds on the trees, the apple blossoms (oh I could become rhapsodic!) and of course my personal favourite - the magnolias!!! These are on an old tree which I often admire just outside historic Eldon House.

It was a good thing we did enjoy the walk when we could, because by yesterday the chill had certainly settled in (I remind you: this is southwestern Ontario even if it is the end of April), and we were into warmer jackets and not in a mood for lingering on the river bank or elsewhere. This morning it was only 2 C when I took my little beagles out for their morning walk (well, run really - they were in a hurry!), so I enjoyed seeing these again and dearly hope that the minus degrees forecast for tonight won't destroy the blossoms.

And speaking of colder temperatures - and because I am new to even trying to be somewhat a raw foodist - I was intrigued to find a link to How to Make Raw Food Taste Hot , which may come in handy over the next couple of weeks here (if we are to believe our weather person) and for any readers in the southern hemisphere (helloooooo all readers in Australia!).


Jackie V said...


how luscious those cabbage rolls look!

I'm doing a food demo on the 22nd and I think I just might make those!


Heather said...

Love, love, love the blossoms. In Florida, we just don't get those riots of soft pastel spring blooms. Spring happens here in about 1 week. In April the jasmine blooms and then the magnolias. By the beginning of May it's summer. Thanks for sharing.