Sunday, April 27, 2008

Chat: Of Cabbages, Cheezes and Cats

Well I couldn't resist telling you all about the reason for the lovely green kale behind the photo of the beet, apple and seaweed salad I posted earlier! We eat a lot of kale here - any kind we can get our hands on. And this one was for the kale salad I've posted before as Raw Kale Salad, what else :) to which I added the garnish of a little crumbled/grated vegan blue cheez - or more correctly Sheese (which is the brand name) from Scotland.

I have never much cared for faux cheezes - except those individually wrapped Tofutti slices (and Tofutti is very good - esp. its cream cheeze and sour creme) in a huge sandwich which disguises the fact that they're not really the real thing. But someone on the Care2 network recommended Sheese and I found it at my local cheese shop and I had to try. Well, I dunno about you guys, but I thought it was wonderful. I always swear that I don't want to eat faux foods, but both my husband and I have made an exception for this product (and another, which is PC vegan chicken strips, but only VERY occasionally) - which I swear we could become addicted to really really quickly. It comes in many flavours, so you might want to see if it's in your shops. (And no, I don't own the company or get money from them for saying this!). Find them at: - and they have recipes there too, I see.

The next photo is an indulgence of mine. We are eating more raw (I know - am I letting you guys down? Sorry. I'll probably get over it! I do these kinds of things now and then!!) and so the top of our stove is getting used for everything but cooking lately. Yesterday we brought the groceries home and dumped them on the stovetop while we put them away. I put the last item in the refrigerator and turned around to find that my dear little cat had actually dared to jump up there and had decided that the shopping bag would make a nice little hidey hole :)


Anardana said...

What a silly kitty!! :)
Thanks for the nice message.

Veg-a-Nut said...

Hi ya,
Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have to tell you, when I first went full on vegan I could not stand faux anything, cheese, meat, everything grossed me out. I tired seitan one time and knew I would never make it again. Boy have times changed. I am finally past all that and really do enjoy making seitan and eating it. Although I do not miss cheese at all I did try the cheddar flavor from my goodie box on a toasted cheese sandwich, which was fantastic. Who knows if it tastes like real cheese since I don't remember, but good yes!!!

I am loving your raw meals. I have been junking myself and DH on vegan junk food: ie cookies, waffles, and such and have been feeling the need for some raw, raw, raw! I think my body is telling me something.

I figure something with change for the next week since I am off to get my wisdom tooth pulled in the next hour. Smoothies for me! I guess when we don't listen to our bodies, our bodies will do the talking!..

I am printing out these recipes especially since DH has asked for raw beets. :o)

Oh, you are so lucky to have a store that sells the shreeze... I want to try it, but down here is is mail order only.

Veg-a-Nut said...

After writing that last book, lol.. I forgot to tell you how simply beautiful your kitty is!!!

River said...

Hi Anardana! - Nice to hear from you - and another cat lover :) Aren't they just the Best! I also have a couple of delightfully affectionate beagles who taught my Misha that he can be a doggie too. Go figure. Love and hugs!

River said...

Hi Veg-a-Nut!

Oh I so thought that publishing anything raw on here would put everyone off :( But my deal with myself was that I should publish what we eat, not what looks particularly good or is popular, so right now we're on a mostly raw kick and so raw is what you guys get. Who knows: next season we may be eating nothing but chocolate cake!!!!!

If you try any of the recipe suggestions, please let me know - I would love to know how other people have made these things their own!

Love and special hugs!