Friday, April 11, 2008

Stuffed Acorn Squash

Well, this site seems to have let me upload one photo, and has now dug in its little heels and said Nevermore. Hmmm! Well, here's the first offering!

Here we have STUFFED ACORN SQUASH - with steamed baby bok choy. I stuffed the squash (having steamed it up in the oven first) with a sort of unfried rice mixture: leftover brown rice and various chopped vegetables (the usual suspects) spiced up a bit with (inevitably with me) chilies, ginger, garlic, etc. I think I sprinkled a sort of crumb topping on the whole thing before putting it back in the oven to brown a bit, thus utterly confounding any attempt to identify the dish according to any one or two ethnicities! Another time I used Indian spices and a sprinkle of raisins in the rice mixture (quinoa or barley works well too - or a combination of wild and brown rice) but skipped the crumbs. These things tend to be a bit different every time with me - always an adventure to come to our dinner table. This served two of us for lunch (our main meal), preceded by a leafy green salad.

Need I say, all this was as usual done with no or minimal salt and no added oil or other fat.

Stand by, if you will, for my experiments with faux/fake vegan chikken and beeef. I say experiments, because I've never taken these products seriously and always claimed to dislike them :)

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