Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Slow Week, But Lots Of 'Tries'

This is a slow week for this blog, mainly because we are caught up in something else right now. But we have been trying new recipes - just not actually created anything new to pass on.

What you might like to try, though, is a lovely soup from Barnard's La Dolce Vegan - Curried Ginger Butternut Squah Soup - which takes all the usual suspects plus potato and butternut squash, with some fresh grated ginger - a humungous two inches of it, which I loved when I saw it - to give it that certain zip and flavour. It was perfect the way it was - with maybe a little more (okay, quite a little) garam masala than called for (but I'd used my own mix not her recipe for that, so that could be the reason). Very highly recommended.

Still working at cooking fat free (not had to cheat yet), my dh tried out a Red Lentil Curry by Jennifer Raymond (again!) from Neal Barnard's Turn Off The Fat Genes. It was lovely, so much so indeed that I think we ate rather more of it than our fair share. Fortunately it is low in calories.

We also collaborated in an adaptation of a Barnard & Kramer banana bread - it's wonderful, with three bananas for ultimate banana flavour and lots of chopped dates. You can find that one in How It All Vegan. It's terribly decadent in taste, but we cheated the original recipe a bit by switching the oil for another half a banana (why not!). We couldn't see any difference from the way it had turned out when we had made it before using oil, so why add such stuff in there! It's a 'good any time of day' bread/cake or what you will! Once we even followed one of their options and added carob chips to the recipe, but it was much more of a dessert then than we had in mind. Delicious though. A bread worth cultivating, I'd say.

Meanwhile, I have today made a very nice cornbread, but that story will have to wait for another time!


Twisted Cinderella said...

Looks wonderful! I tried your carrot roasted red pepper soup yesterday and you mushroom bisque today. I posted about them on my blog for my Thursday Thirteen including pics!

Twisted Cinderella said...

The Curried Ginger Butternut Squah Soup looks wonderful! Mmmmm . . .

I thought I posted this, but maybe I forgot. I loved your recipes so much that I made them and posted pics on my blog today. I linked back to you as well so that everyone will no where to go to get more yummy recipes.

Melody Polakow said...

It's great that you are making great food fat free! I've found for me, that since being more aware that I can lose the oil in so many things without sacrificing taste. I do, add a tiny bit at the end sometimes.. but not always..

Liliy said...

I'm interested by the cornbread. I can never seem to make good vegan cornbread.